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$35,000 for an out of state school. Billions of dollars are awarded from several resources including state and federal agencies, Private companies and organizations and universites and colleges. This moolah, as scholarships, subsidies and awards, Is worthiness based, total based, Program based and requires based. Athletic trainers also be familiar with the evaluation, examination, Treatment and rehabilitation of workplace injuires. Upon completion of a bachelor degree in athletic training, Candidates take a national certification exam. Upon successful completion of the degree and exam, The candidate earns the abilities of certified athletic trainer. Many schools offering athletic training degrees award scholarships for sophomores and juniors in the program that have maintained a pre determined grade point average and have demonstrated specific skills and abilities. The NATA mission statement includes the progress of quality care for athletes through education and research. the nation’s Athletic Trainer Association Research and Education Foundation annually awards between 50 to 75 scholarships averaging $2,300 each for paid members. within a NATA, There are endowments for instance the John A. Mayes scholarship grant for $50,000 awarded for ethnically diverse athletic guidance students.

There are 10 regional affiliates over the country offering one year scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,000 for full time basic or graduate students majoring in athletic training based on academics, Character and things to do.

The nfl has combined with NATA and Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society Foundation, or PFATS, Awards scholarships or school funding and internships for ethnic and minority students.