Idols of Hindu deities including Ganesha, Dhanvantri and Sivagami are one of the many bronze items on display at Silpa Kalashetram in T. Nagar.

As the Malayasia bound custom made idols were being readied for packing, Its sculptor and descendant of chief builder of the renowned Thanjavur Big Temple, p. Mohanraj Stapathi, spoke to R. Sujatha on art and its relevance to society.

IDOLS COATED with lacquer or collectible finish adorn the hall, Making it appear that it was from completely different era. It was tough to decide what held the pride of place the 5.5 feet bronze lamp fixture, generally 2.5 feet paavai vilakku’ (Maiden employing a lamp) Or the impacting on statues of Shiva and Muruga.

The 40 kg pavai vilakku with a price tag of Rs. 20,000 though may be too big for a puja room.

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“An elderly woman gave information and the us govenment traced our family tree. there are certainly 60 descendent families who still live in Swamimalai. all are into our family trade,

The 38 years old sculptor, Who became an asst to his father, Karunanidhi, At age of 10, Has a son and a simple princess. He says they results in being his assistants when they turn 15.

mister. Karunanidhi has been a person receiving several awards. this 7.7 feet Lakshmi Narayanan idol thinking over 2.2 tonnes and the 4.6 feet shivalingam weighing 500 kg running on a temple in Madhya Pradesh find mention as the tallest idols in the 1993 edition of Limca Book of Records.

With pal Kuberan, The three sculptors run a workshop in Swamimalai, Tamil Nadu, Where they employ 20 men and two women and train teens. Women do the wax fits, Filing and sprucing up of the idols.

Foreigners connoisseurs of Tamil architecture come to the workshop to watch manifestations, tells how Mr. Mohanraj, Who will be in Malaysia sunday.

The Kuberan Icon Industries receives orders from temples and cultural centres from from around the world.

It has produced idols to a New jersey temple; The navagrahas to a temple in london; silver and gold covers for idols of Ganesha and Punnai Nallur Mariamman; Cradles, Puja types and flag posts for temples in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The sculptors have made Ayyappa, christ and Buddha idols too.

that’s not it. mr. Mohanraj is a research scholar at the Tamil University’s split of Sculpture in Thanjavur.

“When a artist decides to make the wax model, The idol is infused with a spark of jeevan (day-to-day lives); this is cast in metal it is half alive. When we draw the eyes it is three quarters live but when it is placed in a temple and pujas are performed becomes a live being, The stapathi costs a Sanskrit sloka. Silpa Kalashetram can be emailed at: 91 44 24344216.